Cedar Raised Panel







Insulating efficiency is an important consideration to most

homeowners. Our Cedar Raised Panel doors offer many

benefits in that regard. Unlike steel doors which can

conduct heat and cold through the metal even when

insulated, wood doors have a natural insulating value that

can be enhanced by the addition of our optional insulation package. Additionally, wood doors can be easily fitted and weather-stripped in irregular openings, which is nearly impossible with steel doors. This is critical because most heat loss occurs by air infiltration around the perimeter of a door, not through it.

• 1-3/8" thick select grade clear Hemlock stile and rail frame (no finger



• Clear edge glued Western Red Cedar raised panels(mixed grain,

   no knots) are treated with wood preservative before assembly


• All joints feature deep mortise and tenon construction, and are glued

  and pinned for superior strength


• All rails exceed industry standard: 5" for top and bottom, and 4-1/4"

  per pair for intermediates

• High grade Hemlock lumber provides the structural strength to the

  frame of the door sections. It is a very light color with a consistent grain.

• Western Red Cedar has a natural resistance to decay, making it an

  ideal panel material. Cedar exhibits a wide variation in grain patterns

  and color, ranging from almost white to a medium brown. Panels may

  consist of several boards joined edge to edge, which improves quality

  and stability. Variations in appearance within a panel may be

  apparent when transparent stains or finishes are used.

Optional 5/8" thick

foam insulation can

be added behind

panels and covered

with a full 1/4"

plywood backer to

create an overall

door thickness

of 1-5/8"

A selection of popular door models is shown. Glass, including true divided lite designs, can be substituted for any individual panel or

row. General Doors can work with almost any arrangement to build a door that is custom made to complement your home.

Model 25

Model 35EP

Model 35WC

Model 45

Model 64

Model 65

Model 45 Double

Model 65 Double

Model 84 Double