Advantage Carriage House

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Truly unique in style and construction, the Advantage CH stands apart from the crowd. The 3-section high design maximizes the glass area, and the 6-panels across accentuate the vertical appearance of the door. Designed to complement most architecture and reflect the classic elegance of wooden carriage doors, the Advantage Carriage House door is true to its name offering all the benefits of modern technology, low maintenance and high performance materials that provide years of dependable service.

-Raised or Beaded panel design


-Swing or Tri-fold style panel arrangement


-Finely detailed woodgrain texture


-26 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel skins


-Durable 2-coat baked-on polyester paint finish on both sides of door


-Sandwich-type construction with 1-3/8” polystyrene insulation (R=6.6)


-Double tongue and groove joint for tight seal between sections


-Thermal Break between steel skins


-Heavy duty hardware and standard design full leaf hinges


-Heavy duty track with our exclusive elliptical curve for smooth operation


-Three year hardware warranty


-Limited lifetime warranty against rust-through on door sections

Tri-Fold Style

The Advantage  CH is available in these three standard colors. If you require a custom color, our finish provides an excellent base for field applied paint.

Arctic White        Almond           Sandtone

Due to color variations in computer screens, please refer to your exact color sample chip when choosing.

7ft High Doors come as 3 sections high

Swing Raised Panel

Trifold Raised Panel

Swing Beaded Panel

Trifold  Beaded Panel

8ft High Doors come as 4 sections high

Swing Raised Panel

Trifold Raised Panel

Swing Beaded Panel

Trifold Beaded Panel

Swing Style

8',9', or 10' x 7'

12',14', or 15' x 7'

16', or 18' x 7'

Trifold Style

8', 9' or 10' x 7'

12' x 7'

14' or 15' x 7'

16', or 18' x 7'

Window Options

Available in single glazed. Color matched frames with inserts that snap out for easy cleaning.

Swing Style(single car widths)

Trifold(single car widths)

Swing Style(double car widths)

Trifold(double car widths)

16" Carriage Hinge Stamped

24" Carriage Hinge Stamped

Carriage Lift

Handle Stamped

Carriage Pull

Handle Stamped

Colonial Pull

Handle Stamped

Colonial Lift

Handle Stamped

16" Colonial Hinge Stamped

Carriage Pull

Handle Iron

Lis Style

Carriage Lift

Handle Iron

Lis Style

16" Carriage Hinge Iron

Colonial Pull Handle


Carriage Pull

Handle Iron

16" Colonial Hinge Iron

Knocker Lis Style Iron

Door Studs Iron